Comparison is the Thief of Joy

“Comparison is TheThief of Joy”
~Theodore Rosevelt

Pretty much being a runner these days results in comparison due to apps like garmin connect, strava, suunto.

When you focus too much on what everyone else is doing however and how they are progressing, you only see how far you have to go instead of seeing how far you have come already.

Not only does comparison leave us with self-doubt and lack of confidence, but it also prevents us from being present in the moment and enjoying the process. Being completely engrossed in the now is hugely important when it comes to running guys.


You need to celebrate and enjoy your own small successes each week instead of just being focused on the end results and wanting instant gratification because these little successes will build up to big results in the long run.

Once your heart is in your own training that’s all that matters.

Write down and plan your goals that feel true to you, not someone else!

Be sure to train within yourself, stop looking for instant results.

Yes, you can be certainly be inspired by others but don’t compare yourself to them too much as this may leave you feeling self doubt, lack confidence and completely deflated.

We all have our own reasons for running, our own motivation so find out what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Believe in your abilities, track your progress, cherish the journey❤


Variables include running experience, training history, relative speed, strength and endurance, injury patterns, recoverability and therefore no two runners should train in precisely the same way.

Any degree of uncertainty can block your path
and there will be obstacles along the way but this is how you will learn how bad you want it and how you will grow as an athlete.

Stay focussed, stay committed to your goals, its you vs you

So comparison is the thief of joy, but competition is the harbinger of character- especially when you focus on simply competing with yourself.

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