Coaching – Maximise your potential for you to race at your best

The Foundation of success lies in careful planning to maximize your potential to reach your target time. A coach is a trusted partner in your quest to become better. I work with runners from the back, middle and front of the pack. If you are goal orientated and determined to reach your goals, I am here to help no matter what your pace.

To achieve great things, we need to be patient and take a long-term approach to training to grow, adapt and improve incrementally season after season. I am in favour of long-term goals, it cant all be about short term gains and successes. We should not seek instant improvement and chase get fit quick approaches to training.

My coaching ethos: coach the individual and not the system. Individuality of training is too often neglected and is extremely important. There is a large inter-individual response to training, both in the magnitude of response and in time frame for developing and retaining training effects. Every athlete is physiologically and psychologically different which affects the way they handle their training and how training should be adjusted accordingly.

The perfect training program doesn’t exist. We work with humans the most important variable in performance!
No two people are the same, everybody responds differently to training, everyone has different levels of fitness and limitations. 

Program modifications are to be expected. I adjust to my athletes by being flexible and making modifications and adjustments to their training programs. To meet their individual goals and needs each step of the way, the goal of my training programmes are to have my athletes adapt over time but this is also my goal, I adapt also. A large emphasis is placed on adaptability, recoverability, variability all the while insuring durability of the athlete remaining a key focus.

I coach my athletes to successful results by designing time efficient programs and optimizing them to include everything they need. Family and work are the most important things and these cant be compromised. I build training sessions into their busy lives and integrate flexibility, guidance into the notes of the plan itself.

Also available is an option of a properly designed strength training programme which is among  the lowest hanging fruits for improved endurance performance. Benefits include:

  • improve exercise economy
  • It can also reduce delayed fatigue in endurance performance, improve maximal strength and speed and endurance performance.
  • Reduce delayed fatigue, improve maximal strength and speed

After you sign up, you will receive an email with the questionnaire about your training and racing history schedule and goals. I will do a complete evaluation to determine your strengths and weaknesses as a runner. I will evaluate your goals and determine how to best advance you towards them.

I will email your new customized programme to you based on these. You will train optimally by avoiding the pitfalls that come with following a generic programme. Feedback is provided on an unlimited basis.
Program modifications are to be expected according to how you are adjusting, results from key workouts and based on family commitments.
The coach – athlete relationship is vital in terms of being able to adjust a schedule as things get in the way which they sometimes do.

GOLD Personal Coaching Package

Included with my GOLD personal coaching plan(designed for the person that wants a more personable coaching experience. It provides an attention to detail and communication approach. Guidance on all aspects of training)

  • Customized training plan delivered weekly, adjustments if necessary. Provides overview and description-detailed workout instructions to maximise your training and avoid injuries. The plan is tailored to your history, race goals and working/life commitments.

  • Coach interaction via email, calls and texts via WhatsApp.

  • Specific education on personal running paces and sessions. Specific warm up and drill routines for key sessions.

  • Advice on cross training and injury prevention. 

  • Specific short term, mid term goals and long term planning

  • Strength training guidance where needed

Silver Personal Coaching Plan

This plan is for the person that wants a tailored program specific to their goals, fitness and ability but does not require one to one communication every day.

  • Customized training plan delivered monthly, adjustments if necessary. Provides overview and description-detailed workout instructions to maximise your training and avoid injuries. The plan is tailored to your individual history, race goals and working/life commitments.
  • Coach interaction and feedback with 24/7 email access​.
  • Specific education on personal running paces and sessions​